Transforming the
Global Distribution System

What is GDS in travel?

A Global Distribution System (GDS) is a computerized network system that facilitates transactions between travel service providers such as airlines, hotels, car rental companies and travel agencies. The GDS software offers a centralized platform for distributing travel-related content and plays a vital role in streamlining the travel booking process, connecting travel agencies with a diverse range of service providers, and ensuring a smooth flow of information and transactions within the travel ecosystem.   

The Sabre GDS 

The Sabre Global Distribution System is a comprehensive platform that revolutionized the travel industry. Sabre has since evolved into one of the world’s premier GDS software, powering the global travel industry through intelligent technology that connects people with experiences that matter. 

The Sabre GDS – including NDC – through a single channel.

Products to meet your needs

Meet the demands of modern travelers through bespoke experiences created from a global marketplace.

The evolution of the Sabre GDS 

Today, Sabre is much more than a GDS – we are a technology ecosystem that touches almost every stage of a traveler’s experience. As the industry transforms to embrace modern retailing, we are also evolving to deliver the technology and support our customers require. With our agency partners top of mind, we are investing in innovative technologies and intelligent solutions to reshape our GDS software and open new opportunities to better serve the travelers of tomorrow.  

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